Aquis – The City of Bone / The Impossible City

Capital of Aquistria. Also alternately known as the “City of the Moon”, or the “White City”, due to the white stone used to build it, or the “City of Bone” – due also to the colour, but also that the


Capital of Ostland. Perched in the mountains, at the conjunction of the Ost and Rhike valleys.

Bal Magna

The capital of Balcia is dissected by the river Aber, which is straddled by three great bridges. The northern half is dominated by a huge rocky crag, known as ‘The Fist’, atop which sits the Citadel, a mighty walled structure

Garrett’s Gowt

‘Garret’s Gowt’ – a sprawling city on the fenland at the estuary of the <name> river.  A sea port is there – and goods come down the river on barges – as they have done since ancient times. A bustling,

Varchul Regat – The City of the Damned

The greatest city that ever was. History The ancient capital of the Varyan Empire. A vast city nestled at the foot of the mountains. The scene of the last battle (a battle that never ended). The city delved deep into