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Isle of Gal Marok

The Isle of Gal Marok floats on the Sea of Souls in the Afterworld, the shadowy, amorphous world that lies between the mortal realm and that of the Gods (the Vortumni) in the world of Alkainos. Gal Marok was one of the original daemons awakened by the Mother of Darkness, the fallen goddess Cyadroma. A daemon was a soul that was awakened from the cycle of reincarnation, and given full knowledge of all its past lives and of it’s true nature.

A thousand such daemons were awakened by the goddess to lead her armies when the Varyan empire turned dark and war engulfed the mortal realm. That war spilled into the realm of gods and all the worlds were changed completely at its end.

There is too much to say on that matter here.

All dead souls return to the Afterworld, which can be changed and formed by the will of the soul. The strongest, either individually or collectively can fashion dwellings, castles, islands or whole continents by their will. It is by their deeds in the mortal realms and their creations in the Afterworld that their souls were judged by the gods.

Since the dark empire and the war in the heavens, the gods have receded. The daemons created by Cyadroma have created imbalance in the Afterworld, and their creations are dark and suck in souls for their power.

Gal Marok is a solitary daemon, and fiercely loyal to Cyadroma. He works tirelessly to bring her back. Not all daemons seek her return after having a taste of their own power, so Gal Marok keeps his Isle a secret. Even in the amorphous Afterworld, his Isle shifts position constantly, and is watched over by towers and beasts.

His pleasure is to tempt mortals to relinquish their souls voluntarily to him, through subterfuge and cunning. Each souls he harvests is put to work on dark tasks in his tower, and he creates a tombstone in his garden for them – a constant reminder of their folly.

Gal Marok features in my short story – A Cautionary Tale @

The Isle of Gal Marok
Last Updated On November 01, 2017