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The large island of Taranus, commonly called Vestlund, lies off the western coast of Balcia.

The Tarans are an isolated, introvert culture.

They physically are quite unique – due to no (very little) racial intermixing. Bearded, asiatic eyes


Foreign trade restricted to certain ports
These have enclosed areas for foreigners
Called ‘Concessions’ – enclosed areas inside main city

As part of settlement for their help – they have a couple of settlements on the mainland – these are segregated cities, which mirror their foreign trade centres on their island)


Taranus is made up of a number of distinct kingdoms, under one King (the crown is passed between rulers of the kingdoms).


The kingdoms do not war (usually) – but have fierce controlled competitions/battles/games. They have long had to defend against invasion from the mainland (before the great war) – so learned that they needed to be strong together. They have never been successfully invaded (maybe once) – due in part to the inhospitable nature of the island – mountains form natural barriers


They have their own, distinctive beliefs.

Strong links with nature/natural world magic
Strong links with spirit world (Veil)


Balcia is it’s closest neighbour, and constantly tries to gain greater access to trade with the interior kingdoms.

Tarans are an unusual, but not totally uncommon sight on the mainland, especially in the far west. They have a, not totally unfounded, reputation for strangeness, but they usually command enough physical presence to deter anyone from messing with them.


Came to aid of other kingdoms during great war.
They helped decisively in a couple of battles – which in turn helped to swing the tide of war.
They are not part of the League, but have a seat on the council (which they do not always use).



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